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Welcome to KAMPING KONTAKT! Set up your tent in the heart of Leuven & come stay at our pop-up urban campsite, while respecting the neighborhood and planet at the same time. Spend the night in our urban oasis of peace and quiet.

Once you’re well rested, there is no need to be bored. We offer activities of all kinds, such as workshops and performances. Hungry? Join a brunch, barbecue or dinner prepared with ethical products. Thirsty? Order a local beer or lemonade at our sustainable summer bar. Need some company? KAMPING KONTAKT is a meeting hub for young and old!

We will be camping from July 16 to July 26 2020 on a location that is yet to be announced! Do you have questions in the meantime? Thoughts and ideas? Want to volunteer? Please send your messages to kontakt@kampingkontakt.be.

Coninue reading below the image & find out more about the program, browse trough the FAQ and discover our story and values.


Last year, we were inspired by the following themes: relax & unravel, pause & play, food & facts, sports & supper, sustain & create.

Our pogram for 2020 is being created as we speak! Have an idea or want to collaborate? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.



Unfortunately, it is not possible to book camping spots, tents, or meals yet.

Coming soon! This section is currently under construction.


The critera for successful vacations seem to be increasingly evolving towards exclusivity, consumption and photogenic locations. These holidays are not accessible to everyone and, moreover, often have a negative impact on the environment. As far as we are concerned, your summer break can also be experienced in an accessible, budget proof and climate-friendy way! Be amazed, escape from daily life & share unique experiences.

KAMPING KONTAKT gives you the opportunity to celebrate your summer break in a sustainable, ecological and social way. Our values include (1) encouraging encounters, (2) creating inspiration, (3) pursuing an urban experiment and (4) working with local partners. In short, it’s a new way to experience Leuven.

We are a group of young and committed volunteers, studying or working in varying fields (from sociocultural work, research, heritage and architecture to urban planning!). Between us we share our passions for camping and the beautiful city of Leuven.

KAMPING KONTAKT is made possible thanks to the generous support of our partners.